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Tinder founded in 2012 as a
matchmaking software
promoted at a Millennial individual base features eliminated onto take over and define the industry it essentially created. Owned by me dating website and app behemoth organization Match Group, in 2022, Tinder has been trying to bring in new Gen Z people, included in their initial Millennial individual base relocated from the field of internet dating.

Despite the ever-increasing competitors, in 2022, Tinder still is by far the entire world’s a lot of successful and ubiquitous online dating application, and several of its statistics tend to be magnificent.

Listed below are some quite interesting data points across app.

Top Most Interesting Tinder Statistics

1. A lot more than 50 per cent of Tinder people are Gen Z users

Tinder has not launched precise user age breakdowns in 2022 but has stated that more than 50 % of their users tend to be members of Gen Z: produced between 1997 and 2012. By bringing in much more video-focused functions a decade on from its Millennial-focused release, Tinder provides attemptedto push away competition from a brand new revolution of more compact matchmaking apps aimed strictly Gen Z.

Software such as for instance Snack, Feels and Lolly
marketplace by themselves as solely for users within their later part of the adolescents to early 20s. Tinder’s initiatives to draw younger consumers seems to be working: whilst in 2022 a Gen Z individual base reigns over, as recently as 2020 less percentage of men and women in america aged 18-29 than those aged 30-44 utilized Tinder.

Percentage folks adults by generation whom use Tinder (April 2020)

  • 18-29: 15%
  • 30-44: 19percent
  • 45-54: 8percent
  • 55-64: 6%

Origin: Statista

2. 57 percent of Tinder talks conclusion after one message (per one small data study)

In 2021 an analyst
learned data from hundreds of anonymous Tinder consumers
, and discovered that 57.27 per cent of ‘conversations’ about application ended after anyone delivered a note, that has been subsequently dismissed. Although fits never arrive at conversation stage, 21 per cent of Tinder conversations are begun by females, with seven % begun by guys. Despite frequently seeming having a reluctance to initiate cam, guys take over Tinder’s gender split by a ratio of three to just one in america.

Sex of active United States Tinder customers (March 2021)

Origin: Statista


. Tinder provides 9.6 million settled website subscribers

In Q2 2021 9.6 million individuals internationally paid a Tinder subscription: 17 percent regarding the app’s total user base of 57 million at that time, most of which made use of the complimentary type of the software.

Tinder registration cost structures are becoming a hot topic, after it emerged your application energized some older users above younger customers for subs, resulting in accusations of age discrimination. In 2000 a study by customer team
unearthed that Tinder customers studied in Australia who were in more mature age ranges were recharged more for Tinder Plus subscriptions that people in more youthful age brackets.

In 2019 Tinder was
bought to cover
a combined $11.5 million in compensation winnings to around around 230,000 course users in California, after a plaintiff sued the software over its age-based prices. Tinder had billed customers aged 29 and under $9.99 each month for tinder Gold, with customers elderly 30 and above spending $19.99. Tinder settled the compensation in tiny inspections plus free ultra Likes and Tinder subscriptions. Application chiefs agreed to halt age discriminatory rate tiering – but merely in Ca.

Quantity of spending Tinder members globally

  • 2015: 700,000
  • 2016: 1.6 million
  • 2017: 3.1 million
  • 2018: 4.3 million
  • 2019: 5.9 million
  • 2020: 6.6 million
  • 2021: 9.6 million

Supply: Statista

4. Tinder mentions of ‘Zoom’ shot up 30-fold, with ‘DoorDash’ mentions tripling

statistics from Tinder
, in 2020, mentions of ‘Zoom’ in Tinder emails enhanced by an interest rate of 30, while mentions with the me house shipment solution DoorDash moved up by three times. This is exactly reflective of remote matchmaking getting a big trend during pandemic lockdowns, but customers appeared keen to continue with web meet-ups. Per investigation carried out by Tinder, 40 percent of Gen Z Tinder consumers said they’d still embark on digital times even if venues opened.

Additional electronic date-related Tinder statistics


20 percent

of users had an online big date with a match before meeting in-person

-Mentions in Tinder emails of Animal Crossing, the overall game whereby users can hook up virtually, shot up


in 2020


Slightly below half

of Tinder people had a video talk to a match during 2020

Source: Tinder’s Way Forward For Dating report

5. Tinder enables you to assign yourself one of nine sexual orientations

In 2019 Tinder
launched a function
that allowed customers to choose their unique intimate direction regarding the app, supplying nine possibilities: straight, homosexual, lesbian, queer, asexual, bisexual, demisexual, pansexual and questioning. Tinder has not yet revealed stats regarding the intimate orientations picked by their user base, but studies have suggested that LGBTQ everyone is very likely to utilize online dating programs than non-LGBTQ individuals. Within one study virtually doubly numerous partnered lesbian, gay or bisexual men and women than direct folks stated they would met their companion via internet dating or a dating app.

US lesbian, homosexual or bisexual adults and matchmaking site/app utilize

Portion of partnered adults stating they came across their particular current lover online

Portion of unmarried adults in search of an union or dates stating they use a dating site/app

Origin: Pew Analysis Center

6. Tinder’s 75 million-strong user base presents almost a third associated with the worldwide matchmaking application marketplace

With 75 million customers internationally at the beginning of 2022, Tinder had a 31 % piece with the worldwide matchmaking software industry. Badoo was actually the nearest competitor with 60 million customers, with Bumble, established by former Tinder marketing and advertising vice president Whitney Wolfe Herd, with 42 million. Tantan, a Chinese application heavily ‘inspired’ by Tinder, features 25 million people. In China Tinder ‘officially’ has a user base of zero, being certainly one of 1000s of web sites and applications obstructed by the Chinese Communist celebration’s authoritarian censorship plan.

Dating apps’ early 2022 worldwide user base

  • Tinder: 75 million
  • Badoo: 60 million
  • Bumble: 42 million
  • Tantan: 25 million
  • Match.com: 17 million
  • A number of seafood: 15 million
  • Hinge: 6 million

Supply: Businessofapps.com

7. Tinder grossed $392 million in European countries in 2021

Although many of Tinder’s user base is within the United States, in 2021 the application grossed $392 million from the European user base. This haul made Tinder the top-grossing non-gaming app in Europe that 12 months, even though it was not among the list of top applications for the majority downloads. TikTok had been the most installed application in general in European countries in 2021, followed by WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook then Zoom.

International valuations of online dating apps (2022)

  • Tinder: ten bucks billion
  • Bumble: $4 billion
  • Tantan: $3 billion
  • Badoo: $3 billion
  • Hinge: $2 billion
  • Grindr: $0.6 billion

Resource: Businessofapps

8. 65 billion suits were made on Tinder

By Oct 2021, 65 billion suits were produced on Tinder internationally. Tinder’s development across preceding ten years ensures that a lot more matches might have been generated nearer to 2022 than their launch in 2012, but this match full figure averages away around 550 million matches per month. 2019 figures showed that the software was viewed about two billion occasions a day globally, whilst in 2018, 1.6 billion swipes were produced about software a day.

Three more 2021 Tinder swipe stats

Normal quantity of Tinder dates effective customers proceeded weekly: 1.5

Total number of times Tinder ended up being been downloaded since launch: 430 million

Number of dialects Tinder was energetic in: 40

Resource: Expandedramblings.com

9. One in ten swipes on Tinder is assigned to a brandname

Tinder has monetized itself beyond membership fees by allowing brands to place ads between user users, that users can swipe on. In 2021 one in ten swipes produced on the software were reportedly generated on brand profile advertisements like these. Certainly one of Tinder’s first significant forays into brand name marketing and advertising
came in 2015
, with Bud Light alcohol. For all the venture, Tinder consumers could swipe on a Bud advert next enter a competition to win a trip to a US town labeled as Whatever.

Three additional Tinder marketing strategies that made influence

In 2015 a strategy to market the movie Ex Machina at Austin, Tx’ South by Southwest Festival noticed male users match with Ava: the wonderful robot celebrity on the film. Numerous people chatted on the software using their new AI match before realising she was not human being.

Capitalising on many singletons’ wish to have convenience pizza on Valentine’s Day, in 2014 Domino’s Pizza founded a Valentine’s promotion on Tinder. Consumers which matched making use of firm’s profiles could win edible freebies and discounts.

In addition in 2014, US TV network Fox advertised their program The Mindy Project by getting pages in the figures from inside the show in the app. In the place of locating a potential love match people happened to be urged to watch the show, resulting in accusations the campaign ended up being “noxious”.

10. Another special advertising instance: 1,500 Tinder suits with puppies happened to be made in day

In 2014 the advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty
a Tinder marketing campaign that resulted in the use of many dogs. Tinder users in New York could swipe close to photographs of dogs from the Social Trees Animal save, before possibly getting their particular owner. The agency said that 1,500 individuals matched up with ten puppies in the 1st day of the venture. In 2021 dog use achievements was also present in Germany. The Munich Animal Welfare Association became publishing photographs of puppies on Tinder profiles, saying there was an “insane” response to the 15 pooch pages produced.

20 Greatest Tinder Consumer Stats

11. A Tinder consumer Spends 90 Minutes everyday regarding App

Using the study from builfire.com, a Tinder user uses 90 moments about app, searching for suits, changing their own profile, or messaging each other during a regular day.

Typically, now is divided in to tiny chunks as consumers log no less than 11 occasions daily. Guys invest approximately 7.2 moments in each session, while women spend a bit more (around 8.5 moments).

Origin: buildfire.com

12. Tinder’s People’ Marital Status

In accordance with the data gathered from Global Index, the consumers’ marital standing spans about hitched, divorced, unmarried, or even in a relationship. About 54percent of users reported to get solitary, 12percent ones in a relationship, while 30percent had been married and just 3% result divorced.

Origin: International Index

13. ladies often Swipe Right Less than Men

Men swipe correct over women, around 46% of the time, while women swipe right just 14per cent. This statistic produced from New York instances reveals that men are less selective than women when choosing their particular prospective matches.

14. Exactly Why Do Individuals Utilize Tinder?

9,761 millennials had been surveyed with regards to their unique using Tinder, also it ended up that their unique reasons happened to be grouped into four main types:

  • Searching for a hookup (22.22percent)
  • Selecting a relationship (4.16per cent)
  • Confidence-boosting procrastination (44.44%)
  • Other factors (29.16percent)

Another study on the same topics revealed that merely 15% of females utilized Tinder for one-night stands, while around 49percent admitted to using it for this function. What exactly is worth noting is ladies got far more time for you choose.




Queen Mary College of London

15. The majority of Opted Interests Include Work, Puppy, Travel, Films, Adventure, Foods, Outdoors, and Music.

Katie Hempenius, a software engineer at Google, carried out analysis and gathered data from 10,000 United States Tinder profiles, making use of the typical get older being 26 years of age for guys and 23 yrs . old for women. Thus, the most frequent opted for interests were:

  • Songs
  • Work
  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Movies
  • Meals
  • Puppy
  • Outdoors
  • Laugh

It doesn’t matter how standard these selections seem, they rank as the most common ones as they are of no surprise since these tend to be passions that unite you. Other individuals like Beer, preparing and Sports, and java are not left out either but comprise a smaller individual base.


Katie Hempenius

16. 15percent of Tinder Users Have a Post-Graduate level

Degree is certainly not however a stronger determinator of exactly how a commitment goes since charm and character matter much more, in case we had been examine the preferences of these two men and women, ladies pay attention to education skills when searching for someone.

Studies expose that around 15percent of these Tinder users have postgraduate levels, and 16per cent hold a bachelor’s amount. Having a qualification will improve a chance of getting the best swipe but
creating a powerful relationship profile
helps make the difference in choosing to swipe right or remaining.

Supply: Day Consult

17. For Over 85percent of Indian ladies, knowledge is actually a Major element When Dating on Tinder

Nations like Asia have firmer views regarding relationships when compared to other people. Many Indian women start chatting with the objective of discovering an existence partner, so in retrospect these are generally dedicated to the traits they want within their spouse. Knowledge is actually an essential attribute before examining other characteristics like pastimes, appearance, etc.

According to investigation performed on over 1500 single Indians on Tinder, the outcomes determine that 86percent of males would swipe appropriate if they experience a well-built profile with attractive images. However (85percent), females won’t swipe appropriate without checking their own academic skills. As per additional statistics, such as for example whom takes the initial step to start out a conversation, 50% from the surveyed individuals state it does not matter exactly who communications initial.

Supply: QuartzIndia

18. Tinder is the reason Over 30 Million Matches each day

Since their early days, Tinder has actually gained massive attention from people, and countless matches were made. In its beginning, Tinder accounted for four million matches each day. But during the many years, their own algorithm was required to improvement in purchase keeping bots and spammers away. The enhanced algorithm determines as spammers those who swipe on profiles without having to pay interest or drive their particular users to the reasonable interaction region.

This means that matching research are close to real life. In 2014, over a billion swipes happened to be made on Tinder, resulting in 12 million matches day-to-day, which quickly rolled to 30. Presently, in 2022, Tinder boasts over 60 billion matches across 190 nations.

Supply: Colao,


, and


19. Over 72per cent Of Tinder Consumers Say They Truly Are Open-Minded About Interracial Relations

Dating applications currently attributed often for triggering variety issues, but Tinder’s analysis announced that people’ mindset has totally altered. The survey-based regarding the view more than 4,200 adults years 25 to 45 yrs old, who was simply majorly through the U.S, France, Australian Continent, additionally the U.K., claims that users have actually obtained a lot more open-minded when it comes to on the web relationships.

Around 72percent of participants voted Tinder due to the fact “most drastically varied” dating application in the market. When asked the same concern about additional applications, the feedback classified Hinge while the the very least diverse app (3per cent) and Bumble in the centre, with only 8% vouching for its diversity. Around 70percent of the players claimed become open-minded toward interracial marriages.


Morar HPI

20. Every Month Tinder Scores Roughly 3.6 Million Downloads

Consumers did actually have an escalating fascination with making use of Tinder as his or her primary dating application, due to the fact app passes each of the rivals up until now. The app definitely reported to possess acquired 430M+ downloads since its launch is continuing to grow at a tremendous rate, with around 3.6 million packages monthly.

In accordance with study from 2019, the next relationship application is actually Badoo, with around 2.3 million downloads per month. The Android os dating app has actually become popular in time among the many downloaded online dating apps for Android apps, but this spot was actually used by Tinder in 2020 if it turned into one particular installed dating software for Android products with 2.6 million downloads in one single year. Other matchmaking programs which happen to be competing with Tinder are:

  • Happn (985,000 downloads)
  • MeetMe (927,000 downloads)
  • OkCupid (779,000 downloads)
  • Bumble (504,000 downloads)

Resource: Statista, 2021; Airnow PLC,


and Tankovska, 2021

21. 70percent of Tinder Users Take security Seriously whenever having sexual intercourse with a New Partner

Research shows that on line daters are more conscious than offline daters with regards to security. Statistics debunk the myth that online dating apps like Tinder tend to be full of people who express STDs and just have reckless connections.

Over 70% of Tinder customers admit to using condoms whenever making love with a brand new spouse the very first time. Excellent results originated a questionnaire dedicated to off-line daters, 58percent which advertised the same thing.

Tinder and Moar Consulting

22. in regard to Political Views, 16percent of Tinder Users Identified as Liberals

Those searching for a partner with the exact same political opinions can be assured that might choose one because Tinder is home to daters of just about all stances. With 13per cent of its users pinpointing as Conservatives and 7per cent identifying as Moderates, the possibilities are that customers may find one these are generally looking.

Incase you’re wanting to know whether or not political opinions change the fortune of a relationship, scientists at Pew Research unearthed that for 71% associated with supporters in the Democratic celebration surveyed, having chosen for Donald Trump might possibly be an immediate dealbreaker.

Supply: Day Consult and

Pew Analysis Center

23. Heterosexual Women Had 52per cent rate of success on Tinder

Designers at Rentify conducted analysis with about 100 users to determine what gender, between heterosexual gents and ladies, could have even more success in receiving the proper swipes whenever demonstrated to prospective suits.

Heterosexual women had a 52percent success rate the help of its users, while heterosexual males had a 16percent rate of success, that has been significantly reduced when compared with women. Homosexual men, however, had significantly more achievements (35percent) when compared with heterosexual men.


Company Insider

24. Tinder is not just for Sex – 80% of customers maybe not Engaged in Sexual tasks utilising the App

Dating apps have emerged as areas and you’ll discover only men and women contemplating having fast hookups, but stats reveal very the contrary. Over 80per cent of customers interviewed admit not to having had just about any sex with matches they met on Tinder.

Another research carried out from the Norwegian college of Science and tech determined that the portion of Tinder users have been involved with just about any sexual activity only one time had been 13percent. Another reduced portion of people (3%) admitted to using two experiences, and only 4% had exceeded this quantity.



25. 50% of Tinder Matches Have Met IRL.

Michael Rosenfeld, a Stanford sociologist, provides shown that online dating surpasses the effectiveness of old-fashioned matchmaking or conference lovers through friends or family members. His investigation deducted that over 39per cent of couples he surveyed had turned an internet commitment into a real one by choosing to satisfy personal with one another.

According to Tinder especially, research shows that ladies often increase matches for a prospective real-life big date (124) in comparison to guys, which matched only with 111 women. But the most crucial component is that 25per cent of the individuals admitted to in look of {a serious|a significant|a criti